Attention producers; we have created a new upload function to be used exclusively for unreleased artist demos meant for Headliner Entertainment.

We are always looking for new talent and new tracks, so give us your best shot!

THE DEMO(S) ARE REQUIRED TO BE EITHER WAV OR 320KBPS MP3 DOWNLOADABLE .ZIP FILES. Please do not send DJ or live sets as it is not the purpose of this initiative, and we will certainly not listen to those.

Drag, drop and send your unreleased track(s) with the upload box below.

Make sure to add your contact information to the demo(s), at least including an email address, for us to be able to reach you.

We will get in contact with you if your track(s) contain(s) the quality that we are looking for, which means that frequently contacting us in pursuit of such a reaction does not help. In this respect, also make sure that the style of the music you send fits Headliner Entertainment.

In advance, thank you for your contribution! 

Headliner Entertainment

* By uploading your track(s) you allow Headliner Entertainment to share your music with our Headliner Entertainment artists.